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What is Aromatherapy

The use of various herbs and flowers, roots and resins has been traced for thousands of years. The art of using the essences of these botanials oils to retrun the mind and body to a balanced state of being is Aromatherapy. The life blood of plants, flowers and herbs are their Essential Oils...

Selecting Essential Oil for Homeopathic Use

Attitudes, bodies and personalities vary greatly, surely it is not surprising that we need individual treatment when we are not feeling 100% or distinguishingly ill. When using essential oils it is important to consider the present symptoms...

Pathways & Methods of Application

Inhalation and Skin are the most common use of Essential Oils. Because Essential Oils ahve a relatively small, lipid-soluble molecular structure they pass through the skin and may be absorbed into the blood stream where they travel to specific organs and systems in the body...

Yin & Yang

Although some oils may initially encourage a more direct push of energy to one side or the other and using specific oils in therapy can benefit a defined disorder, all Essential Oils align with both Yin & Yang and therefore aid in the balancing effect of personal and Universal Chi...

Organic Oils

Selecting Essential Oils
Once extracted,essential oils have a complex chemical composition, which constitute their healing nature. It is worthwhile to becom aquainted with all aspects of the plant where the essence is most developed  and extracted, the harvesting conditions and the environment in which it thrives. All of these elements give valuable insight into the fundamental personality of the essential oil. In general Oils that you test and either Love or Hate are those that you are in most need of. This is not to say that if you have neutral response to testing an oil that it will not benefit you, all oils have numerous benefits and selecting the one(s) that you need most can be challenging for the novice. We have an Rx Kit 1 and Rx Kit 2 that are a good starting point for those looking to get started in using oils on a regualr basis.

Pathways & Methods of Application

Olfaction is the lease understood of our five senses, yet the most powerful. The olfactory membrane in the only place in the human body where the central nervous system is exposed and in direct contact with the environment. when a receptor cell is stimulated the impulse travels along th eolfactory nerve to the limbic portion of the brain where memory, hunger, sexual response or emotions are evoked. Benefits from Pure Essential Oils can traced through our whole system of body, mind and spirit.

  • Bath Oils - add 5-10 drops to full bath of warm water and soak 15-20 minutes to allow oils to penetrate and stimulate
  • Inhalation - apply 2-3 drops to tissue or pillow case or bowl of warm water and breathe deeply
  • Diffuse - 8-15 drops in diffuser (not heated or candle warmer type) or add to natural misting spray (we recomend our AromaaaMist)
  • Linament Oil - mix 20-30 drops to 1oz Organic carrier Oil and apply to affected area working gently to aid absorption
  • Compress - 3-5 drops in warm or cold water, soak cloth, wring out to reduce dripping and apply to area in need. Repeat for up to 30 minutes total.